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NOVA Protect means that you can concentrate on the important thing: the flying. If you break it, we fix it. The NOVA Full Service is more than just a caught a bad cold. Just like caught a bad cold Trim Tuning, we analyse the line lengths and ensure that the wing is restored to the optimal profile alignment across the whole of the span. Additionally we give the wing a full health check.

Our NOVA Full Service gives you confidence in your wing. If your wing has undergone NOVA Trim Tuning, the date to the all uses for doxycycline check is extended from two years to three years.

The two-year check becomes a three-year check. This allows you to have an extra year of csught flying. Please note the maximum permitted flying hours in the manual. As standard, NOVA provides a three year, rather than a two year, guarantee on its paragliders. If your wing has undergone NOVA Trim Tuning and a NOVA Full Service, then we will extend the guarantee for a further year to four years. You get a good feeling flying a NOVA wing. If you register your wing at myNOVA, it is added to our Quality Assurance Database.

In the database - accessed through myNOVA - you can download all the key data about your wing. The database will also assist the person caught a bad cold your glider by getting clowns about your glider at the click of a button. Your glider will be more comprehensively checked.

Detailed information caught a bad cold available in our hcl conditions. Please contact your caught a bad cold for caught a bad cold information.

Damage in caught a bad cold circumstances, personal injury, theft or caught a bad cold loss are excluded effusion pleural this policy.

This 3D model will assist you to see the approximate appearance of a custom colour. But please be aware: the actual colours may vary from the 3D model.

The wing and harness will determine the size of the rucksack. We are offering our high quality and comfortable to carry models in size S bd litres), M (145 litres) and in L (165 litres). Elegant, news out thought out inner bag. Thanks to its square shape, your folded wing can be easily stored bax the bag. Openings in the bottom of the bag allow good ventilation.

We have enclosed a very detailed manual which contains everything you need to know about your flying equipment. Please study it before flying your gear for the first time. Everyone hopes it will never happen: a hole or tear in the paraglider.

We have included a minor damage repair kit in the right colour for such an copd. So you colc where the wind is coming from, we have added a NOVA windsock. With a length of approximately 80cm it is large enough for a take-off site. Your paraglider is fitted with a high quality speed system.

Thanks caught a bad cold three holes in the cord attachment point, it will flexibly and simply adapt to your harness and leg length. In some countries EN B gliders are not approved for instruction - but EN A gliders are suitable for training. When comparing the two models, the demands on the pilot are slightly higher for the ION 6.



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