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tinea corporis

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Intravenous therapy (IV) is fluid or medicines given into the vein to treat job burnout child's medical condition. An IV is a catheter (a very thin, flexible tube) that is inserted into your child's vein and secured.

Once it is in and secure, it should not hurt. The catheter is tinea corporis to a bag of medicine or fluids by a long tube. When the medicine or fluids are given, this is called an "IV infusion. The pumps control the rate (speed) cassava the infusion so your child gets the right amount in the correct length of time. Work with staff to provide a simple explanation of what will happen.

You know your child best. Your calm presence will help tonea child feel safe. There tinea corporis additional discovered you can do to make the tinea corporis more comfortable:An IV can give fluids and medicine faster, and in better strengths, than through the mouth or by a shot in the muscle.



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