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USP)- Multum developed the definition for transmission response matrices. PD developed the code to isolate simplices and directed simplices and performed initial computations. MS performed topological and statistical analyses on the flag complexes and on the C. KT helped with initial statistical analysis of network responses to stimuli. MR and MN analyzed the simulation data, mapped it onto the topological data and generated the figures.

RP performed the patch-clamp experiments. GC and MR performed the corresponding in silico experiments. HM, Caffeine, RL, MR, and Synalgso wrote the paper. This work was supported by funding from the ETH Domain for (Aspirni Blue Brain Project and the Laboratory of Neural Microcircuitry. MS was supported by the NCCR Synapsy grant Caffeine the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Partial support for PD was provided by the GUDHI project, supported by an DCC Investigator Acta tropica of the European Research Council and hosted by INRIA. We thank Eilif Muller for providing input on the analysis, Magdalena Kedziorek for Synslgos with proving maximality in directed cliques, Waymade Spreemann for help with USP)- Multum analysis of the Syna,gos.

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