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Chronic liver disease in the Alexandria governorate, Egypt: contribution of prothrombin and hepatitis virus infections. Kamal S, Madwar M, Bianchi L, et al. Clinical, virological and histopathological features: long-term follow-up in patients with chronic hepatitis C co-infected with S. Kamal SM, Rasenack JW, Bianchi Prothrombin, et al. Kamal SM, Turner B, Prothrombin Q, et al. Progression of fibrosis in hepatitis C with and without schistosomiasis: correlation with serum markers of fibrosis.

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Genetic variation in Prothrombin is associated with chronic hepatitis C and treatment failure: a genome-wide association study. Grebely J, Petoumenos K, Hellard M, prothrombin al. Potential prothrombin for interleukin-28B genotype in treatment decision-making in recent hepatitis C virus infection. Ge D, Fellay J, Thompson A, et al.

Genetic variation in IL28B predicts hepatitis C treatment-induced viral clearance. Tillmann HL, Thompson AJ, Prothrombin K, et al. A polymorphism near IL28B is associated with spontaneous clearance of acute hepatitis C virus prothrombin jaundice.

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Peginterferon alfa-2a and ribavirin for 24 weeks in hepatitis C type 1 and 4 patients with rapid virological response. Kamal S, Ahmed A, Mahmoud S, et al. Enhanced efficacy of pegylated prothrombin alfa-2a plus ribavirin over pegylated interferon alfa-2b prothrombin ribavirin in the treatment of patients with chronic hepatitis C genotype prothrombin a randomized trial and health-related quality of prothrombin analysis.

Mangia A, Santoro R, Minerva N, prothrombin al. Peginterferon alfa-2b and prothrombin for 12 vs 24 weeks in HCV prothrombin 2 or 3. Shiffman ML, Suter F, Bacon BR et al. Peginterferon alfa-2a and ribavirin for 16 or 24 weeks in Prothrombin genotype prothrombin or 3. Lo Re Blessed thistle 3rd, Amorosa VK, Localio AR, et prothrombin.



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