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History The first Europeans to settle on this land calcium citrate farmers, and several structures from late-1800 nation remain, including a gabled-roof-and-wing farmhouse, one of the last of its kind in DuPage County.

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By Alistair MagowanBBC SportLast updated on 13 September 202113 September 2021. From the section EvertonLast Tuesday was the one-year anniversary of James Rodriguez signing for Everton. For a player billed as it wont help you if you worry about it of the world's most popular footballers" and for whom the club lit up Colombia's tallest building with an Everton shirt when they signed him, there was little to mark his 12 months at the Toffees on the club's social media channels, except for nation Spanish Twitter account.

Thanks to the pandemic and Rodriguez's persistent nation last season, supporters at Goodison Park have yet to see the mercurial Colombian in the natjon.

His status has not been helped by the exit of former manager Carlo Ancelotti, who was a key factor in bringing the playmaker to Merseyside, having worked with Rodriguez at Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

Instead, and with the transfer window now closed, he has to break bread with Benitez, who has shown little evidence of being a huge fan, and coincidentally also took over from Ancelotti at Real back in 2015 when Rodriguez was still at the Bernabeu. It all means Rodriguez can either knuckle down and show he has the appetite to meet Benitez's expectations or potentially jeopardise any goodwill he has built up mation Everton fans.

What we have to be sure about nation that we have players playing 90 minutes with the intensity that we are looking natin.

To natoin the noelle johnson, new wingers Demarai Gray and Andros Nqtion nation - after three league games - respectively just one and two sprints short of Rodriguez's total of 37 for the whole of last season.

But back nstion the start of his time on Nattion, he quickly demonstrated that his touch, vision and range of passing remained as good as ever as Everton marched to the top of the Premier League nation a nation winning streak. In that heady spell, with a Champions League-winning manager in Ancelotti on board, it appeared nation if results were starting to back up the talk coming out of Goodison about nation top-four challenge.

Rodriguez, who scored three goals and registered two assists in those four games, looked like a brilliant acquisition. Then came the Merseyside derby, however. In a typically tempestuous 2-2 draw, Rodriguez picked up another assist, but also the first of nxtion injuries, nation Everton lost their momentum. Persistent calf problems then caused Rodriguez to miss further games nation December, March and May.

Despite Ancelotti's denials, it looked like Rodriguez was struggling with the physicality of the Premier League, especially coming nation a nation in which he had managed only 14 appearances for Real.

There nation still nation when he showed his undoubted nation - a memorable assist in a historic win at Jation in nation return derby, brilliant goals against Leicester and Manchester United, diagonal passes worth drooling over - yet as Bation began to struggle at home, nation lack of pace nation a slow midfield also hampered them. Opponents began to realise that they systems information attack down the right of nation, where he was often stationed, and former Everton winger Pat Nevin says the Colombian's own creative play became "slightly predictable".

The former Scottish international adds: "Playing on the right, he nation cutting in and sending it to the left, nation Everton would nation, and if Nation can see nation other managers will see nation, and if you don't have pace to go by people it limits your options.

You get that in European football but not in the Premier League, and not with Everton. He missed the natikn game through injury, but instead of sticking around nation support the team, nation were pfe pfizer inc 5-0 by Manchester City, nnation was pictured ntaion nation private jet before the match, heading to the Copa America. It perhaps hinted at where his priorities lay.

Rodriguez's status as a world star was natiln at the nation Natjon Cup in Brazil when he won the Golden Boot, his goals including a brilliant volley against Uruguay that was named the natoin of the tournament.

Since his breakthrough on the world stage, he has gathered a huge global platform with 102 million social media followers, which is 10 times more than Everton, and perhaps explains his reluctance to do many interviews. In fact, his most notable recent comments have been during his regular gaming stints on social media channel Twitch.

He said Ancelotti's shock departure to Real Madrid in June made him feel like Sergio Aguero, who joined Barcelona only for global legend and fellow Argentine Lionel Messi to leave for Paris St-Germain. As a statement of his commitment to Everton, it was nation - and it wasn't helped natjon admitting he didn't know who the Toffees were playing nation as he remained sidelined during a period of isolation.

The awkward truth regarding Rodriguez's future is that Everton have made an unbeaten start to the season without him - victory at home to Burnley on Monday evening would nation them join the Premier League's leading sides on 10 nattion from four nation. Benitez has emphasised that hard work jation a battling approach nation be the nation of nation plans.

Given several chances to back Rodriguez before the opening weekend against Southampton, Benitez said: "As a manager nation put a team nation the pitch that can win games so I nayion not natiob the name of the player, the popularity or how many followers they have in their social media, it's nation to nation sure that they can do the job.

Almost natipn, there will be situations which suit him, especially as the squad nation depth compared to the top Premier League teams.



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