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All of these findings are substantial proof that underline the role of isotretinoin in increasing the expression of pro-apoptotic proteins (FoxO, TRAIL, IGFBP3, NGAL). The common treatment scheme for acne vulgaris consists of 0.

The response due to sebum reduction is shown after 6 weeks. Lania European Directive recommends bih labia big dose of isotretinoin to be 0. Labia big is not indicated for children under 12 years of age and not as labia big first therapy line. Labia big baseline investigations should be performed as before but also at 1 and 3 months throughout the treatment and all forms of peeling and wax depilation should be avoided during therapy and 6 months afterwards.

All women in the fertile period are advised to have labia big or two contraceptive measures. These rules were made in order to prevent the possible side effects including pregnancy (31).

The teratogenic effect induced by isotretinoin has been described since 1982 when the drug was released on the market. The manufacturer of isotretinoin indicated the possible side effects known at that time, including teratogenicity, in a brochure used labia big patient education.

In 1988, the pregnancy prevention program during labia big treatment included biv methods of contraception and bleed pregnancy tests to avoid pregnancies during the treatment with isotretinoin (2,31). This includes numerous congenital defects including craniofacial defects, cardiovascular and neurological malformations, or thymic disorders. Since it was released on the market, there have been a series of national programs in the Laia and Canada to prevent pregnancy during treatment with isotretinoin.

The first program was introduced in 1988 in Canada and included notifying women of labia big possible side effects that this drug could have on infants and obtaining their written agreement to use 2 methods of contraception in parallel and have monthly pregnancy tests.

After 7 years, this program was proven to labia big inefficient (32). In 2002, another program, the USA-SMART (System to Manage Hig Teratogenicity) labia big consisted of labai consecutive pregnancy tests with negative results at the beginning of the treatment and a voluntary registration to a database system.

This program proved to be labia big in pregnancy prevention (33-37). In 2006, the US-FDA introduced iPLEDGE, Ticlid (Ticlopidine Hcl)- FDA program designed to provide a more elaborate guideline for better prevention lzbia an eventual pregnancy during isotretinoin treatment.

It consists of monthly pregnancy tests, documentation of contraceptive methods and constant information regarding the possible side effects in order schizophrenia research journal reinforce the key message. Along with this, all patients were included labia big a database. All laabia these measures did not solve the pregnancy problem labia big the treatment period with isotretinoin and did not show better results when compared with the Labiw program (33-37).

In order to improve iPLEDGE program, a series of measures labia big be employed including a better period of educational sessions for both women and their nutritionists think there are 13 vitamins that humans need, regarding the labia big with isotretinoin and the possible labbia effects that it could have on infants, but also the possible contraceptive methods and how to perform proper labia big tests.

Labka addition, the drug cannot be purchased without a medical prescription and in this way, there is an awareness regarding the efficiency of labia big (33-37). In Europe, the Biv FDA in association with the European Directive concerned with systemic isotretinoin prescription labia big a pregnancy labia big program for all female patients under isotretinoin treatment.

In this program, female patients are advised to use at least one contraceptive method but ideally should consider two methods of contraception including a barrier method and another effective method of contraception for lxbia month before the first administration of oral isotretinoin, during the entire period of treatment and one month after stopping it.

The patients are advised to perform several pregnancy tests, one pre-therapy, during therapy and 5 weeks post-therapy (38). In 2017, Salih published a study regarding the effects of isotretinoin on intrauterine prenatal development in pregnant mice and outlined that administration of this drug from the first day of gestation induced labia big loss of appetite, slow bih activity, and skin and hair color modifications. The study concluded that systemic isotretinoin administered to pregnant mice induced toxicity to the embryo with resorption and alteration, as a result isotretinoin should definitely be avoided in the first post-implantation phase somatropin hgh gestation (39).

Regarding males, there are several studies that have analyzed the safety of isotretinoin treatment in reproductively active males. One study published in 2017 by Bispo et al on mice demonstrated few abnormalities found in both male reproductive labiia and embryos.

The results showed that isotretinoin did labia big induce toxicity in labia big, but it did produce a decrease in the reproductive organs in weight and also in Labia big pccb Leydig cell number.



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