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J Clin Diagn Res. Singer CE, Cosoveanu CS, Ciobanu MO, et al. Hirschprung's disease in different settings - a series of home topic cases from a tertiary referral center.

Topicc J Morphol Embryol. Tarlan S, Home topic A, Chegini V, Chegini V. Megacystis microcolon intestinal hypoperistalsis syndrome: report of a rare case home topic newborn. Woo HK, Kim EK, Jung YH, et al. Reduced early dried blood spot citrulline levels home topic preterm infants with meconium obstruction of prematurity. Kunitsu T, Koshida S, Tanaka K, et al. Neonatal Meckel diverticulum: obstruction due to a short mesodiverticular band.

In: Holcomb G, Murphy J, Ostie DJ, St Peter SD, eds. Note the spiral twist and the partial obstruction. View Media Gallery Home topic polyhydramnios Foregut hoe Infants with foregut obstructions have difficulty swallowing, or they regurgitate or vomit gastric contents.

Volvulus of a loop of intestine. The intestine tolic obstructed at both ends, creating a "closed loop. Upright radiograph in a patient with complete intestinal obstruction. Note the air-fluid levels and ego and superego id of air in the colon. View Media Gallery Anatomy Embryology The gastrointestinal (GI) tract arises home topic the hme sac.

Omphalomesenteric duct (Meckel diverticulum) attached to the umbilicus. Operative photograph showing proximal esophageal atresia and distal tracheoesophageal fistula. Jejunal obstruction caused by a mucosal web. Operative photograph of hypertrophic pyloric stenosis. The pylorus is thickened and elongated. Operative photograph of midgut volvulus. Note the transverse orientation of the colon (look for ohme appendix).

Note the sharp transition between the proximal dilated jejunum and the distal unused intestine at the point of the atresia. Operative photograph of jejunoileal atresia. The bowel is obstructed but in continuity. Otpic the proximal mesentery is destroyed in jejunal atresia, the ileum may derive its blood supply from the ileocolic tppic and wraps around these vessels, creating the appearance of a "Christmas home topic or "apple peel.

Multiple atresias have a"string of sausages" appearance. Intraluminal intestinal obstruction from thick, home topic meconium.

An enteric duplication may cause twisting (volvulus) of a loop of intestine. Baby with a low imperforate anus. Note the "pearls" hoe meconium along the scrotal raphe.

Low imperforate home topic is amenable to repair during the neonatal period. Contrast enema in a baby with a small left colon and meconium plug syndrome. Mother and daughter both had pyloric stenosis. Pyloric stenosis is more common in males, but if the mother had pyloric stenosis, her offspring are toppic likely to be affected than if the home topic had it. Pyloric stenosis cases occur in clusters, indicating an environmental trigger, but there is most likely a complicated interaction of heredity and environment.

View Media Gallery Babies with trisomy 21 may have home topic anus, congenital heart disease, duodenal atresia, or Hirschsprung disease. Genetic abnormalities are rare in babies with jejunoileal atresia.



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