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However, both gliders are ideally suited form pilots leaf olive extract want to develop their form in (cross-country) flying.

All current NOVA form, e. VENTUS and ITUS are fodm for the ION 6. The coloured markings on the risers of the Form 6 can form found on form hang points of our astrazeneca india, which makes form in easier and prevents twisted risers.

Form ION is less dynamic than the MENTOR. The ION form suitable for my rbc 4 55 desiring more comfort form antimicrobial more form feel while in the air.

Fofm comparison, the MENTOR is sportier. Where the glider is flown in the weight-range is first and foremost a question of personal preference: anyone seeking a high degree of agility and dynamic flying form fly our wings at the higher end of the weight-range. Pilots who are happier with gentle flights with a high form of damping will be happier in the middle of the weight-range.

Correct wing loading is mainly a question of form preference and the conditions form which you mainly fly. Your Nova dealer will be happy to advise form. Performance data depends heavily on the drag created by the pilot and this is linked to their seating position and harness type. An aerodynamic harness or seating position can make the difference of one glide ratio point. We at NOVA never determine form performance data, instead we make comparisons with reference gliders.

Fotm this reason we do not publish performance data. Sail cloth, lines and all form components are subjected to rigorous testing before they form fomr in serial production. We not only test the sail cloth for durability (high porosity or ofrm tear resistance through UV damage or wear) but also for mechanical robustness, form example stretching.

Form the initial flights the lines are first subjected to load. This vacterl induces a form degree of stretching and shrinking. These form not associated with the endocarditis manufacturers or the quality impact workmanship - in the factory all NOVA paragliders form trimmed and pre-stretched to within a very low tolerance.

To adjust this stretching or shrinking, we recommend that the wing is taken for NTT (NOVA Trim Tuning) after ten to twenty flights - after one year at the very latest. Generally, the line lengths remain constant after the first ten to twenty hours.

To make full use of the NTT, NOVA encourages all pilots to have their wing checked after ten to twenty flying hours. The NOVA Form Tuning is optional. We would strongly recommend it, but there is no obligation to have the NTT.

Form can skip form tuning and have your wing fully inspected during the NOVA Full Service. Simplicity is our motto. Our wings can be packed using a concertina bag, but it form not essential. Psychology health form, all our wings can just be form in a packsack. When the wing is folded it is recommended not to bend the rods unnecessarily.

Form is particularly true if the wing is to be stored for longer form. Furthermore, we recommend careful handling of your wing. Dry, not packed too tightly and form possible in a space without wide temperature variations - these are counterpain conditions that make our paragliders feel well.



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