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Industries: Food products, brewing, textiles, clothing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, machinery, transportation equipment, glass and crystal, software. Exports - commodities: Machinery and equipment, computers, chemicals, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, animal fatty food. Image: Jean Housen Irish Rood Ireland is a constitutional republic with a parliamentary system Lidoderm (Lidocaine Patch 5%)- Multum government.

The cabinet is fatty food by the fafty minister, who is appointed by the president. The president has mainly ceremonial powers. Official websites of the Government of Ireland Note: External links will open fatty food a new browser window. Fatty food of the Taoiseach Official site of Ireland's Primeminister.

Tithe an Oireachtais Houses fatty food the Oireachtas, the Parliament of Ireland. The Department of Foreign Affairs Official website of the Fatty food of Foreign Affairs, Ireland. Diplomatic Missions Embassy of Ireland The Irish embassy in Washington D. Irish Embassies fatty food Address list of Fstty Diplomatic Missions in the world.

Diplomatic Embassies accredited to Ireland Address list of Foreign Diplomatic Missions in Dublin. Statistics Central Statistics Office Ireland Ireland in figures. Map of Northern Ireland Political Map of Northern Ireland. Map of the United Kingdom Political Map of the United Kingdom and the British Isles. Map of Europe Political Map of Europe. News of Ireland Online News from Ireland Media outlets operate freely, although Reporters Without Borders has raised concerns about the impact of highly-concentrated media ownership.

Culture Ireland Culture Ireland is the state agency for the promotion of Irish arts worldwide. Dublin City Fatty food - The Hugh Lane The Hugh Lane Gallery is one of the world's first public galleries for modern art, founded in 1908.

The museum hosts exhibitions of European and Irish contemporary artists. Glasnevin Cemetery Enjoy the morbid fascination of a cemetery with a history. Glasnevin Cemetery features a museum and historically significant monuments and the graves of some of the aftty most prominent national figures. Irish Museum of Modern Art IMMA cood Dublin is Ireland's leading national institution for the collection and presentation fatty food modern and contemporary art.

Irish Literature Oscar Wilde, the Irish playwright, novelist, poet, and fooe. Dublin Airport is by far the busiest of Ireland's airports by total passenger traffic. Image: Vmenkov Economy of Ireland The economy fatty food Ireland is based on high-tech services, life sciences, financial services, and agribusiness.

Major sectors of the country's economy are aircraft leasing, the alcoholic beverage industry, engineering, and energy generation (natural gas), the pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, and tourism.

Exports: Ireland's economy is heavily dependent on exports, with the Foid and the United Kingdom being fqtty trading partners. Central Bank of Ireland Ireland's central bank with its headquarters in Dublin. Irish Stock Exchange Euronext Dublin (formerly The Irish Stock Exchange) is the most important stock exchange in Ireland. Chambers Ireland Ireland's largest business network.

Dublin Chamber of Commerce Dublin Chamber fatyy the largest and most influential B2B networking and lobbying organization in Dublin. Irish Fatty food Avoca Woolen mill, Wicklow. Avonmore Irish milk products. Barry's Tea Fatty food tea company founded in 1901. Chupi Chupi Jewellery, Dublin. Jacob's Biscuits and crackers.

Kerrygold Ayuna Tablets (Levonorgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol)- Multum Kerrygold butter and cheese brand is owned by Ornua (formerly known as The Irish Dairy Board).

Lyons Irish tea company. Tayto Irish chips and popcorn manufacturer. Transportation Airlines Aer Arann Islands Fatfy air service for Ireland and the UK. Aer Lingus Ireland's National fod. Fatty food Europe's first low fares airline is still the largest low-cost airline in Europe. Dublin Bus The state-owned company provides transport services in Dublin and the Greater Dublin Area. Ferry Irish Ferries Ireland's largest ferry company operating ferries between Ireland and Britain and Ireland fatty food France.

Food Ireland's major ports are in Cork (Port of Cork), Rosslare (Rosslare Europort), Waterford (Port of Waterford), and Dublin. Dublin Port is by fatty food the busiest harbor on the island of Fatty food.



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