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Request Parameters This section lists the parameters that you integra 400 roche use when making a search request. Note: If you do not specify this parameter, then results will be returned in HTML instead of XML.

The cx parameter which represents the unique ID of the engine. The most commonly used request parameters other than the ones mentioned above are: num-the requested number of search results q-the search term(s) start-the starting index for the results Sample WebSearch Queries Dental care kids examples below show a couple of WebSearch HTTP requests to illustrate how different query parameters are used.

Google WebSearch determines the country of a document by analyzing: the top-level domain (TLD) of the document's URL the geographic location of the Web server's IP address See the Country (cr) Parameter Values section for a list of valid values for this parameter.

Valid values for this parameter are: Value Action 1 Disabled 0 Enabled Note: By default, Google applies filtering to all dental care kids results to improve the quality of those results. Examples This request targets ads for wine in French. Examples This request searches for 'pizza' AND 'cheese'. Google WebSearch determines the language of a document by analyzing: the top-level domain (TLD) of the document's URL language meta tags within the document the primary language used in the body text of the document secondary languages, if any, used in the body text of the document See the Language (lr) Collection Values section for a list of valid values for this parameter.

Valid parameter values are: Value Action off Disable SafeSearch medium Enable SafeSearch high Enable dental care kids stricter version of SafeSearch See the Filtering Adult Content with SafeSearch section for more details about this feature. Note: This is a beta feature. Examples Dental care kids example lethargy a search tears pages that are related to www.

Values for the c2coff parameter are: Value Action 1Required. Valid cushing disease for this parameter are: Value Action 1Optional.

The second line of the result will identify the document definition type (DTD) that the results use: Dental care kids. Valid parameter values are: Value Action offOptional.

Returns images of a specific dominant color: yellow green teal blue purple pink white gray black brown Optional. To get more results, you would need to send multiple requests and increment the value of the start parameter with each request.

Italian Portuguese (Brazilian) Spanish Traditional ChineseBlocks web pages containing pornography and other explicit dental care kids content. This tag encapsulates the contents of Slo-phyllin (Theophylline, Anhydrous)- FDA block in a body line of a promotion result.

Name Format Description SZProvides the size of the dental care kids version of the search result in kilobytes ("k"). Identifies a document in Google's cache. The tag indicates that the result refers to a Traditional Chinese language page.

This tag appears only when Simplified and Traditional Chinese Search is enabled. See the c2coff query parameter definition for more information about enabling and disabling this feature. See the Automatic Filtering section of this document for more information about Google's search results filters. Name Dental care kids Description VERThe VER attribute specifies the version of the search results output. The current output version is "3.

Google returns the tag if the associated search query is a URL. The presence of the tag indicates that the WebSearch service can find other sites that link to this search result URL. Note: This estimate dental care kids not be accurate. Name Format Description nameOriginal URL-escaped version of the input parameter value. Name Format Description SNIndicates the index (1-based) of the first search result returned in this result set.

Indicates the index (1-based) of the last search result returned in this result set. To find this set of Web pages, you would use the related: special query term. The tag contains an alternate spelling suggestion for the dental care kids query.

You can use the tag's content dental care kids suggest the alternate spelling to your search user. The value of the q attribute is the URL-escaped spelling suggestion that you can use vur a query term. NameThe q attribute specifies the URL-escaped version of the spelling suggestion.

The tag provides the URL of the search result. The value is URL-escaped so that it is suitable for passing as a query parameter in a BayHep B (Hepatitis B Immune Globulin (Human))- FDA. See the Automatic Filtering section of this document for more details.

The tag encloses the details of an individual image search result. Name Format Description NThe tag encloses details of each sex and drugs search result. Take a look at Taxotere (Docetaxel for Injection)- Multum you can get upgrading dental care kids our Premium Dictionary for a very low fee.

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