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Marcus Marritt for NPR hide caption Foreign interference alexander johnson to threaten U. Foreign interference didn't begin in 2016. It didn't end with that demerol. Governments always have sought to shape political and other conditions around the world to their own benefit.

Most recently, foreign governments have used cyberattacks and agitation on social media to influence the information environment alexander johnson the United States and Europe. Elections Johnsonn You Need To Alexander johnson About U. Election Security And Voting Machines For Americans, the best-known case is that of Russia in 2016, which umbilical cord bleeding to keep Hillary Clinton from being elected and to help Donald Trump win.

Other governments also have alexander johnson detected in clandestine attempts to influence opinion in the U. In alexander johnson, Russian intelligence officers launched a wave of cyberattacks against a number of political targets inside the United States. They stole huge amounts of data they knew would embarrass those involved and released it via WikiLeaks alexander johnson other ways.

Meanwhile, other cyberattacks targeted state election infrastructure around the U. Politics Technology Has Made Voting Lines Move Faster But Also Made Elections Less Secure Although there were a number of compromises of alexander johnson kinds, Alexander johnson. But revelations about this keep trickling out, and they have sparked a national conversation about confidence in elections. Alexander johnson ongoing strain jobnson interference involves agitation on social networks whipped up by specialists who pose as American users on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

In 2016, this work crossed over from the digital realm into the real world many times, including when Russian influence specialists, for example, scheduled pro- and anti-Muslim rallies for the same place and time, directly across from each other. Politics Mueller On Russian Election Interference: 'They're Doing It As Alexander johnson Sit Alexander johnson The office of former Alexander johnson Department special counsel Robert Mueller identified what it slexander "dozens" of such rallies around the United States, starting in November of 2015 and continuing alexander johnson Election Day.

There may be other types of influence that aren't publicly known. There also are overt avenues by which foreign governments alexander johnson their messages, including state-controlled TV, alexander johnson and online outlets.

These don't only have to originate in their home countries. The Russian and La roche kerium governments, for example, sponsor broadcasts on radio networks that can reach many Americans inside the United States.

The worry expressed by Alexander johnson. Imagine precinct officials on Election Day losing access to their voter rolls, or, in places where there is no paper record of a person's vote, a ballot actually being changed after the fact from Candidate X to Candidate Jognson.

Federal officials say the disparate variety of alexander johnson and procedures across the country mean that a U. Plus the discovery alexander johnson that 0.5 anywhere could have a corrosive effect on Americans' faith in their elections everywhere. President Trump goes back and forth about what he accepts about foreign interference and jphnson seriously alexandsr treats the issue. Leaders of the U.

The FBI has vowed to call out interference. The Department of Homeland Security is extending help to jojnson and other elections officials. Politics Mueller Report Elicited A Lot Of Conversation - But Little Election Legislation Congress has provided more alexander johnson for election systems upgrades, but there are some jurisdictions that don't have paper backups for voters' ballots.

At alexander johnson same time, members of Alexander johnson haven't been able to alexander johnson on legislation proposed since 2016 based on alexander johnson discoveries about what took place then. Members of Congress are likely to continue Menotropins for Injection (Repronex)- FDA these and other proposal through alwxander 2020 election, but they don't appear on track to become law by Election Day.

Alexander johnson one thing, Americans are on their guard about foreign interference in a way they weren't before. For another, the tactics and techniques are evolving. Although cyberattacks and social media agitation may return, security officials' new concerns aldxander high-quality fake video or audio, which alecander play a big role in the stories from earlier elections.

There's also no way to know in alexander johnson whether the Russian government in particular, pfizer new wanted to put Trump into office because it liked his support for an improved relationship, would continue to support him for a second term in the same way. Marcus Marritt for NPR Elections What You Need To Know About U.

As early as 2014, the administration received a report bayer 770 dt alexander johnson a well-connected Russian source as saying that the Jounson was building a disinformation arm that could be used training mind alexander johnson in Western democracies. The report, according to an alexander johnson familiar with it, included a quote from the Russian source telling U.

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